This is a reference guide for Silent Hill: Homecoming, the hit (disaster) horror game for the 7th generation consoles and PC. This guide will cover a basic walkthrough, covering puzzle answers and how to get the five different endings to unlock all (goofy) costumes and secret weapons.


In this I will cover the basics of where to go in order to beat the game. It's relatively simple, progress through areas until you trigger a cutscene or boss fight, then progress with newly unlocked items and keep the story going.


You have been wounded in battle, I think, but this hospital sucks. Press the button to break free of your bindings and help that poor doctor before he's murdered.

Your first puzzle encounter is a number pad with a six-digit code lock. In order to figure this one out, you need a half of an x-ray paper with the numbers written on it.... Or you can just use the solution and skip all that.

Number pad puzzle: the answer is 876666


Welcome to Shepherd's Glen. Start by going to your house and exploring the house, grab the Flashlight from the boys room upstairs. Find your mother, who is very wet, and then go into the basement. Fight a single monster and then go to the garage.

You need the garage remote to reveal the pipe. Use the pipe to get the gas can, and fill gas from the truck in the nearby alley next to the children's park. Use the crawl hole next to the garage to get there. Put gas into the pump motor (why do they have this?) to un-flood the basement, allowing you to head to the graveyard through the backyard.

Head through the graveyard, using holes in walls to progress. Fight some dogs near a broken fountain, grab the half of the circle, as that is needed to open the gate later. Keep going, you'll see some cutscenes about the Mayor digging holes, but that's not important. Get to the section with two mausoleums right before a gate that can't be opened. The circle piece is in the fountain across from the closed gate, so pick that up and use both pieces to unlock the gate.

Keep going, meet Elle, watch her fall off a chair, get a radio, keep going down the road and to Curtis' place. Crawl through all his junk, give him your dad's broken gun that your mom gave you, and he'll give you a 9mm pistol in trade. He'll tell you Mayor Bartlett spends a lot of time in the graveyard... So go all the way back and head to where he was with a previously locked gate.

Enter that tiny Mausoleum and solve the sliding puzzle to unlock the coffin, and you'll be warped into Silent Hill (crazy).

Silent Hill Hotel

You are outside the 'hotel' of Silent Hill. Proceed down the street and head to the right to go underneath a partially off-the-road truck. Grab the Fireman's axe. Use this to get into the hotel as it is boarded up with wooden boards. Realize it's very dark inside, and figure out you need power on for the elevator. Grab the alleyway key, and turn on the power box by turning some fuses on.

Wire puzzle 1: the answer is RWGBY - Red, White, Green, Blue, Yellow

Power's back on. Take the elevator up and meet a nice hole woman. She needs three photographs in order to ... remember? I dunno. They are on the upper floors of the hotel above you, so you will be doing various amounts of climbing to go up and down floors. Once you have three photos, head back to the woman. Also enjoy the new spider enemy with the claws, and that cool appearance of Pyramid Head.

Jail Time

Welcome to the glorious Shepherd's Glen County Jail. Deputy Wheeler has questions for you, so answer whatever the hell you feel like. Then he'll guide you out and give you a shotgun, so that's cool.


A very boring section involving waiting for Elle to go under doors. Nothing eventful really happens down here. You will have to fight a lot of monsters, including Siams, so save your ammo for the Siams.

Doctor's Office

Alex's House Part 2

Our second time home and our mom gets kidnapped.

Actually in Silent Hill



Cultists' Lair

Old Gods Altar

At this point this is the last puzzle in the game. Family leaders would come here to input their family's emblems into the circles, so we have to do that and open up the door. The circles on the floor must be rotated, and using the Doctor's scribbled note as a hint, you can solve this pretty easily by rotating until you get it right (you only have to match two specific icons), or using the solutions below.

The second ring opens up, and this time it's the Shepherd Family emblem. Match emblems until the door opens.

Now it's time for the final and probably most disgusting boss fight.

In an ideal world, you will want to stay as far away as possible, because his up-close attacks are brutal and unrelenting. Unload any ammo you may have saved, possibly using your level 2 rifle to do some heavy hits, then shotgun, then pistol.

If you're lucky, he will do a phase transition into part two. The attacks don't change much, but his melee attacks are painful. I prefer the knife to get quick attacks allowing me to side-dodge more frequently, but use what you wish. Pray you have enough medkits to survive through any attacks you may tank. But overall, not the hardest boss in the world.

Enjoy the ending.


If you want to do the five endings, there are three specific saves you must make at which you can load from. There are three decisions you can make which determine the course of the game: killing or not killing Mom, forgiving or not forgiving Dad, and saving Wheeler.

So if you followed the guide, you will know where to make saves. But if you don't, that's okay too.

  • There is a save right before solving the number pad in Prison, before meeting your mother in the basement
  • There is a save in the Church you can use before heading to the confessional booth
  • There is a save in the Cultist's Lair that you can use, considering you have the right ending path for Wheeler

So now, let's list the endings

  1. Good Ending - Kill Mother, Forgive Father
  2. Drown Ending - Kill Mother, Don't Forgive Father
  3. Boogeyman Ending - Don't Kill Mother, Don't Forgive Father, Don't Save Wheeler
  4. Hospital Ending - Don't Kill Mother, Forgive Father
  5. UFO Ending - Don't Kill Mother, Don't Forgive Father, Save Wheeler

It should be noted that the Wheeler save/kill in three endings doesn't matter, you can do whatever you want if Wheeler isn't listed for it. The UFO Ending unlocks the best weapon in the game called the Laser Pistol, which can turn the game into a bit of a joke shooting gallery. Highly recommend for future playthroughs.