Lately I've been using this weird terminal emulator program called Cool Retro Term and for whatever reason, I've been really enjoying using it for almost every terminal-based task. I've even gone back to using NeoVim exclusively as my text editor since it has overall better terminal functionality than Emacs does sadly.

Screenshot of my website development process in Cool Retro Term

Screenshot of my website development process in Cool Retro Term

I guess the real question is: why? Why do I choose to actively use this terminal? Most people probably think it's actually a joke, but I promise you, I enjoy the appearance of this terminal so very much compared to everything I've used so far.

Unlike things like rxvt-unicode or alacritty, it doesn't require any specific config-file mangling because there's an interface for loading presets and setting font size and colors and so on. It's based on qtermwidget so it's performance is good and memory usage is low.

I didn't quite grow up in the age where these computers and screens were something I had available to me, but the the appearance is pretty appealing to me, at least with this mono green theme. I like mono themes a lot, although I miss out on color hinting in code, I think it's important to have an environment you enjoy being in at the least.

I just switched cool-retro-term to be my default terminal for i3-wm, so let's see how long I can last using this program for all my daily coding experiments and website management.