GeForce Now Calculator

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GeForce Now is a subscription service to "rent" a video card through Nvidia's data centers. You play games over the internet, with the games running inside their data centers, and the picture is sent back to you. This can be appealing for a number of reasons for many people.

However, the grass may not always be greener on the other side.

Those fears aside, some of those are qualitative and nothing can be calculated off that. However, this calculator wants to show you the costs involved of using GeForce Now as opposed to buying a video card and using it on your own. You can punch in your own numbers or use the defaults, but the idea is to give you a baseline estimate over a period of time.

Disclosure: I do occasionally try out GeForce Now on my computer, but only as a means to measure viability. I do not pay for it, nor am I sponsored by GeForce in any capacity. I don't think it's a bad service, but not enough information is public surrounding the true costs of streaming video game platforms.